Osteopathy for Dogs

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...I can’t recommend Caroline enough for our dogs, we are extremely lucky to have her here. She has a natural healing energy which is a treat to experience and with her training this has created opportunities for deep healing for our ailing buddies...

Canine Osteopathy can help with a wide range of problems including:


  • Lameness or limping – you may notice an altered gait resulting from a stiff or perhaps arthritic joint
  • Following an accident, ie: falling down a bank, collisions, fighting with other dogs
  • Repetitive strain injuries, perhaps due to jumping in and out of the car or on and off the sofa
  • Following a competition, ie agility, working or racing dogs, fly ball
  • Breed weaknesses, ie Labradors are prone to elbow and hip problems, dachshunds to back pain.
  • Behaviour changes in relation to pain, possible reluctance to walk, or greet you as normal 
  • Stiffness and decreased mobility associated with getting older 

What is Canine Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy comprising of diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of musculo-skeletal conditions.

It works to improve the relationship between the structure and function of the body, based on the principal that the patients well being is dependent on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and all connective tissues working smoothly together.

Osteopaths use manual techniques, such as stretching, massage, articulating joints and tissues to reduce tension and stiffness and improve mobility. Home advice and excercises may also be given.



07716 460 250 (Sussex)

01892 685 650 (Kent)