Testimonials for Kent and Sussex Canine Osteopaths

I met Mandy at a networking event where she described that she was starting to work on dogs. I was intrigued by this and talked to her about my dog Bonnie. I did not really expect her to be able to help. Bonnie had never really wagged her tail which is why I ironically called her Bonnie!
Mandy found that as she was the runt of the litter she was very likely crunched up in the mother’s womb and never really recovered. Since then, she has undertaken regular treatment and even if after the first session Bonnie was wagging her tail. She was also more jolly and more interactive. We had not realised that she was very likely in discomfort, possibly even pain.

Can’t thank Mandy enough for really helping revive our lovely Westhighland Terrier, Bonnie.
Buster suffers with arthritis which was been aggravated by a severe bone infection in his front left leg during 2015. Since then we’d noticed that his movements had become more laboured with his joints forever creaking especially when he was getting up & down.

Rather than have him on permanent medication we decided to try alternative methods of treatment and osteopathic massage was one of those. I happened upon Mandy one day whilst walking and we exchanged details. Before any treatment could commence, Mandy contacted our Vets to make sure that treatment was not going to be harmful to Buster.

Once given the OK, Mandy visited us and conducted a full assessment of Buster with me, from his behaviour to his medical history. She did make it perfectly clear that he couldn’t be cured but could help with his movement.

She began to work on Buster, gently massaging/manipulating his legs and back. She found that he was particularly stiff along his back and hind legs so spent much time working those areas. At no time during the treatment was Buster unduly worried or stressed.

He has now had 3 sessions, which he seems to love as just lies there dozing quite contentedly. His joints don’t seem to creak as much when getting up and down, and his overall movement and walking isn’t as laboured. I will certainly be continuing his sessions as do believe it has helped him, and would have no hesitation in recommending Mandy to any caring dog owner.
I can’t recommend Caroline enough for our dogs, we are extremely lucky to have her here. She has a natural healing energy which is a treat to experience and with her training this has created opportunities for deep healing for our ailing buddies. I am so glad she is here. Mika slept heavily after being very receptive to Caroline’s healing hands and she tuned into the issues very fast - which were digestive and skeletal. Mika sucked it up!

The second visit showed how sensitively she had listened and after another long sleep Mika showed more improvement. He now moves in a confident and relaxed manner, has stopped falling over and limping and I recommend anyone to take this route for their dog. This was after being recommended drugs for life to control arthritis from injuries. What a great turnaround. With much gratitude from both of us. Thank you.
Mandy was wonderful with Louis, my aging black labrador. He remained calm during her treating him and actually seemed to enjoy the experience.

As a concerned owner I could see her care and understanding of what Louis needed and she also explained clearly to me what she was doing and the limits too of what could be expected from the treatment.

For a dog that wasn’t eating he quickly found the ‘treats’ cupboard interesting!

Louis is gone now but Mandy certainly made his last months easier. Bless her.